Hotel SEO Expert Singapore 2023

My Asian wife and EurAsian daughter are flying with Singapore Airlines from Perth to Singapore on 11 August 2023 and back to Perth via Singapore with Singapore Airlines on 4 September 2023. I would love to go to Singapore again with them but with tax time looming in high-taxing Australia where I’m stuck with the idea of an extra big tax bill in 2022/2023. This time last year I worked for a big digital marketing agency in Perth. After that, I rebuilt my own digital marketing business in Perth that specialises in Perth’s best, expert SEO. I’m a victim of my own success. New clients flocked in so I work 13 hours a day. My own web pages look like crap because my priority is for my SEO clients. I’m keen to drop some smaller Perth business clients in favour of Singapore hospitality industry SEO clients. I’m not talking about web design, nor other parts of digital marketing. I’m talking about SEO specialisation for Singaporean hotels including SEO training for Singapore hotel marketing managers. Convince your hotel general manager and CFO to put me up in a Singapore hotel and I’ll be there to train your hotel marketing executives about SEO for hotels.

Singapore hotel SEO expert services.

When will SEO an expert be in Singapore?

I stayed at a hotel in Putra Jaya early in 2023 and will again be staying in a Singapore hotel before Christmas 2023. Any hotel that accommodates my family and I will get free high-level SEO training. I’ve plugged my PC into board room projectors before and presented SEO seminars for Asian hotel executives who’ve rolled out the red carpet at their 5-star beach resorts for my family for a week in exchange for an hour of my SEO training time including AI copywriting for SEO training. If your hotel would like that, phone me, Ben Grummels, on telephone number +61 418958799.