Hotel accommodation near Singapore in nearby South East Asian city holiday destinations such as KL, Penang, Phuket and Bangkok.

Accommodation Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is the Air Asia home base and transport hub for many airlines flying in and out of KL. Stay at KL hotels and enjoy the great KL restaurants before connecting with Malay Peninsula trains or bus companies.Kuala Lumpur

Penang. A Chinese island and tourist holiday destination off the west coast of Malaysia. Popular Thai visa run turn around stop-over. An easy bus or journey from Penang island to Krabi Thailand.

Accommodation Penang

Bali Indonesia. Exotic tropical island on the Equator. Ancient culture and Hindu religion. A good range of tourist activities such as surfing.accommodation bali

Accommodation Bali

Perth Western Australia. Superb beaches with a pristine environment. WA produces high-quality food, cooked by a growing population of Singaporeans and other Asians.Accommodation Perth

Accommodation Perth

Bangkok Thailand. Traffic gridlocked mega city. The main tourist entry point of arrival for dispersion to other parts of Thailand. Delicious variety of Thai cuisine at cheap prices.Bangkok


Hong Kong. A large Cantonese Chinese city south-east China. A shop of the world. Bastion of democracy and commerce in a sea of state command rule.Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Samui the Thai island to go to in the Gulf of Thailand during the "Green Season" (wet season) because it's dryer than the rest of Thailand then.Beach Hotel Samui

Beach Hotel Samui

Accommodation India showing on the Map of India. Exotic ancient culture. Great cuisine and beach resorts. Cheapest holiday in Asia.Beach Hotel India

Beach Hotel India

Phuket: The second most popular tourist destination in Thailand. A tropical Thai island on the west coast of the Malay Peninsula in the Andaman Sea. Contact us to stay or buy into a luxury condo villa near the beach and get a free trip to Phanga Bay.Beachfront Hotel Phuket

Beachfront Hotel Phuket

Hotel Dubai UAE. Long haul flight stopover for travel from Singapore/ Asia / Australian / NZ to Europe. Also a luxury hotel destination for tourists who like being in the water during HOT weather or devout Muslims on a stop-over to the Hajj in Mecca. City with the tallest building in the world.Luxury Accommodation Dubai

Luxury Accommodation Dubai

Nikoi Island is a popular holiday island near Singapore. An Indonesian island close enough to Singapore for day trips.  Popular weekend escape for Singaporeans. Nice beach holidays near Singapore.Nikoi-island near Singap;ore

Nikoi-island near Singap;ore

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Hotel Marketing

Beachfront hotel accommodation Gold Coast Australia on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean. The Gold Coast has more hotel rooms than any other city in Australia. Popular family holiday accommodation for Australians from cold winter cities in the south of Australia.Beachfront Accommodation Gold Coast

Beachfront Accommodation Gold Coast

Scarborough Beach, Perth Western Australia. The popular Indian Ocean, family beach holiday destination for Australians and visitors from Singapore. Crystal clear water and gentle surfing waves. The biggest by far hotel there is the Hotel Rendezvous.BeachFront Accommodation Perth

BeachFront Accommodation Perth

Hotel Perth. Search, review, book, see photos and book hotels in Perth Western Australia online.

Google map of the world showing pins of some of the world's best beach hotels.

Google Map of Thailand. Interactive tourist map of Thailand. Shows the best tourist destinations of north east Thailand and beach hotels in southern Thailand such as at Krabi.

Interactive Google Map of India showing cities, road, landmarks etc with linked pins of where the publisher of this site went on his honeymoon. Pins contain photos and videos of India.

Hotels Vientiane near the Mekong River. With the highspeed train from Kunmin China to Singapore passing through Vientiane/Nong Khai (where the publisher's Isaan wife has properties), now is the time to visit Vientiane, Lao.Hotels Vientiane

Hotels Vientiane

Aitutaki Cook Islands, South Pacific. Considered the best tropical island paradise in the world by the founder of the Lonely Planet Guide. Where the publisher of Accommodation Singapore lived for 10 years.Aitutaki Cook Islands

Aitutaki Cook Islands

Malacca is only 3-hour drive by car near Singapore. See colonial buildings built by the Portuguese, Dutch and British with ideas from China and the Malays. Try delicious Kristang and Peranakan cuisines. See accommodation Malacca if you're staying for more than a day trip from Singapore.Malacca

Malacca tourist destination near Singapore.

The Margaret River Region of Western Australia, including Dunsborough, is a popular school holiday destination for Singaporean families wanting something different with a safe relaxing holiday near Singapore. Enjoy local red wine by a warm winter fire. Explore caves. Eat delicious local food. Tour in a hire car.Margaret River Region Beach

Margaret River Region Beach

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