Honeymoon hotel and or wedding party hotel reception and accommodation in Singapore for wedding couples and their wedding guests

Honeymoon hotel Singapore

With luxury hotels in the central cosmopolitan hub of South East Asia, Singapore is a natural, popular choice for that special hotel wedding reception for family and friend guests.

Wedding planners and wedding organisers can get discount group rate prices on hotel bookings which include accommodation packages of:

  1. Planning/administration
  2. Wedding reception and catering of food and beverages
  3. Honeymoon couple and maybe wedding party guest accommodation
  4. Transport
  5. Wedding celebrant
  6. DJ music
  7. Airport transfers.

Alternatively some families DIY wedding party accommodation in Singapore to save the price of the above list. You can go to our online Singapore hotel booking page to book accommodation in Singapore for your honeymoon couple and wedding party.

Popular ethnic hotel wedding receptions in Singapore include traditional:

  • Chinese wedding receptions
  • Indian wedding receptions
  • Malay wedding receptions
  • European wedding receptions