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Have you dreamed of visiting paradise? Come away with us to Singapore - the perfect South-East Asian holiday, transit, shopping, business convention location. Singapore offers uninterrupted relaxation in luxury accommodation, unbeatable scenery, an authentic variety of Asian cuisine, and a diverse rich, inviting culture.

Singapore is predominantly a Chinese city-state. It is the shining light of a thriving, only truly democratic country in South-East Asia. It has world-leading standards in, education, communications, trade, engineering, science and technology. High-quality health care has led to a boom in medical tourism to Singapore.


In Singapore, you’ll discover a sophisticated, safe, democratic, way of life that is easy for business and pleasure.  Take time to enjoy a walk along the beach, go shopping, visit beautiful tropical botanical gardens, dance to music, and relax. Here, you can escape your busy life and live by Bobby McFerrin’s motto:  Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Come visit Singapore to enjoy new experiences, get to know a new and diverse culture, and spoil yourself with relaxation. Book your trip today!

Garden by the Bay popular free tourist attraction Singapore
Garden by the Bay popular free tourist attraction Singapore
Outdoor concert Sngapore
Outdoor concert Sngapore



Not only do we have Singaporeans with the job of hotel marketing manager in Singapore but executives with international experience. Our Singapore hotel marketing consultants Tan and Ben met while working together in Qatar in 1994. They'll be on a familiarisation tour of the Margaret River region of Western Australia in October 2019 (popular with tourists from Singapore taking advantage of the low Australian dollar) and again together for fam tours of Singapore hotels in January 2020.


Hotel marketing manager Singapore

Hung Tan

Senior Vice President

Tan is a UK university-trained genius with international business management experience. Originally from Penang, Tan has lived and worked in the UK, Australia, Qatar, UAE, and the Philipines. He and his family have spent most of their time living in Singapore with Tan's highly trained, experienced, medical professional wife. Tan has many years of experience in business development starting with international business development in food and beverages. Often enjoys the great food with unlimited rice at the Unli Cafe in the NAIA Airport Terminal 3, Level 4.

Tan is a keen expert Singaporean photographer who sells good landscape photos of Singapore online. The best photos on this Accommodation Singapore website have been taken by Tan. Contact him if you want good photos of hotels in Singapore. Tan loves travelling, travel photography and good food.

Hung Tan photographer Singapore Manila.
Hung Tan photographer Singapore and Manila.


hotel marketing executives Singapore

Ben and Wife

Hotel Marketing Manager and CFO

I'm a Dutch-born Australian, Ben Grummels a digital marketer specialising in SEO.

After joining Australian Volunteers International, I served on the island of Aitutaki in the Cook Islands for 10 years.
Currently, I have the job of hotel marketing Singapore. My pages are Google organic SERP first for many highly competitive phrases such as

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My interests include all sorts of digital marketing. I'm an SEO expert with a focus on accommodation Singapore and South East Asia-wide.
I'm married and have Eurasian kids.  Enjoyable for me are surfing, fishing and eating out at Singaporean restaurants with my photographer friend Hung Tan who visits Manila and Western Australia often.

Ben's LinkedIn Profile:


Free linked pins on our map of Singapore hotels are available on request for Singaporean hotel marketing managers. Contact us with the brand name of your hotel in Singapore. If you give our a dofollow link, we'll do the same for your hotel. If you give us less link juice with a nofollow link we'll give a link to your hotel via an OTA.

Read more information about MAP MARKETING.


Beware the copyright laws of Singapore are not strong. In 2024 we travelled from the Village Hotel in Katong to Sentosa. At the Sentosa bus station, we got on a bus where the bus stop sign is marked "Village Hotel". Not "Village Hotel SENTOSA". To our dismay, we went a short distance to a queue of people waiting for a taxi. I was lucky to get out of Santosa by sharing a taxi with a kind Chinese father and son from Beijing, staying at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. There is also a "Village Hotel Changi" and "Village Hotel Bugis" and maybe more.


Perth Singapore connections.  Perth has a stable Westminster system of government, just like Singapore's. The rule of law is strong. Foreign investors in Perth are protected equally under the rule of law which like Singapore's system was derived from English law. With a large Singaporean expat population and numerous Chinese restaurants. Singaporean airforce pilots train in Perth. Investors from Singapore have made significant investments in Perth/Western Australia and Australia. In property, resources, and telecommunications - eg Optus, to name just a few. My mum always told me that Chinese dentists are the best in the world and so our family dentist is Chinese. Our cities of Singapore and Perth are bound in history. Many soldiers from Perth were captured defending Singapore in WWII. All the women I know in Perth love shopping in Singapore. Singapore is Perth's gateway to Asia and the rest of the world. See the Google Map of Perth. If you're travelling beyond Perth to great travel destinations near Perth like Dunsborough see the Google Map of Western Australia.

List of Best 2024 Perth Western Australian Businesses


Healthcare Marketing Perth

Singapore is known for its world-class medical services. I have a Singaporean friend who is a medical expert in her field of fertility treatment. My wife works in Royal Perth Hospital and says there are many medical staff such as nurses and surgeons working there from Singapore. I do medical marketing in Perth but that should not hinder me from doing digital medical marketing in Singapore if you'd like me to fly up for our first medical marketing consultation.


Dr Daniel Meyerkort is so pleased with the SEO I do for him that he recommended his friendly orthopaedic surgeon rival who does hip replacement surgery in Perth and shoulder surgery in Perth. Daniel is a leading orthopaedic surgeon who does Perth knee replacement surgery using accurate robotic knee replacement techniques to help people with chronic knee pain from knee injuries in Perth.

Best Perth knee surgeon.
Best Perth knee surgeon. Read Dan's good SEO review.

Healthcare in Perth includes good Perth doctors working at Perth hospitals, many from Singapore and good Perth dentists some of whom specialise in Perth dental implant services. In Brisbane Queensland, Pure Dentistry has a team of first-rate Brisbane dentists some of whom do the best dental implants in Brisbane QLD.

Price Dental Implants Perth WA and Brisbane QLD
Price Dental Implants Perth WA and Brisbane QLD


Singaporeans wanting to buy real estate in Perth should hire my recommended Perth real estate buyers agent.

If you want to rent out your property investment in Perth, contact the best property management Perth wide services business.

Phone Property Manager Perth.
Phone Property Manager Perth.

List of real estate agents in Perth for Singaporean property investors in Perth. For example Geoff Baldwin, THE most experienced real estate agent in Perth. His specialty is accurate 2024 market prices of Perth property valuation services. He's a registered real estate buying agent and selling agent. The problem with the foreign investment laws of Australia when it comes to real estate is an extra tax for all foreign investors. See the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board website

House sale Perth advertising.

Singaporeans wanting to sell houses in Perth can do commission-free house sales online advertising for a small fee via House Sales Perth.

Subdivide vacant blocks of Perth land without the need of Perth property developers who hire surveyors and take a big slice of profit. Go direct to the land subdivision experts in Perth. After you've subdivided your land you can put it up for sale with free online advertising on Land Sales Perth. Build new houses on it and sell Perth houses with free online advertising.


Loans Perth.
Loans Perth.

Fast loan approvals Perth for Perth business loans and personal loans in Perth Western Australia.



Free online advertising for Australian tradies. Search/find local tradies near your suburb Australia wide.

Free local tradie online advertising Australia.Free local tradie online advertising Australia.

Glass sliding door repairs Perth.

Sliding Door Repair Perth.
Sliding Door Repair Perth.


  1. Perth home renovation services Perth
  2. Second storey home extensions Perth
  3. Renovation Perth.


Perth office fitout services including new office partitions:

  1. interior office design
  2. office renovations in Perth.
  3. interior office demolition
  4. demountable office partitions.

Office renovation Perth services.
Office renovation Perth services.

Digital marketing specialising in expert SEO services in Perth Australia.
SEO Perth expert.

Beautiful gardens in Perth by the best gardener for hire in Perth.
Gardener Perth services.

Singapore to Australia shipping container services and Australia to Singapore shipping container service based in Perth and specialising in Singapore - Perth shipping container hire, container sales in Perthtransport logistics and secure cheap storage in Perth.

Shipping Container Sales Australia.
Shipping Container Hire or Sales Australia.

Cheap Storage Perth.

Prompt roofing company services in Perth/Western Australia of the best team of roofers in Perth.

Perth TV antenna installation services business with a specialty of digital TV aerials installed on apartment blocks feeding hundreds of TVs in each apartment. (MATV antenna installation)

TV Aerial repair Perth might be a cheaper option than buying and installing a new TV aerial in Perth.
Tv Aerial Repairs Perth.

TV Aerial Repairs Perth.


  • Swan Valley Perth. Explore open spaces in Perth's Swan Valley near Perth. Enjoy a guided wine tour of the Swan Valley in Perth with lunch and local wine.
  • Enjoy local food and premium local Swan Valley wine while on the best wine tour from Perth to the Swan Valley. This limo wine tour of the Swan Valley includes free pickup from Perth hotels.

Buy pet accessories for sale online with fast free delivery from Perth. Dog accessories for sale include dog leashes and comfortable dog harnesses in various sizes to fit your hound.

Dog Accessories For Sale Online.
Dog Accessories For Sale Online.

During spring make sure you see the stone fruit blossom in the Perth Hills at S&R orchard, photographed below:

Bickley Valley blossom tour Perth.
Bickley Valley blossom tour Perth.

... or venture further from Perth on a tour to Wave Rock to see SPECTACULAR Western Australian wildflowers.

Wild flower tour Western Australia.
Wildflower tour Western Australia.

Things to do at Scarborough Beach

BeachFront Accommodation Perth
BeachFront Accommodation at Scarborough Beach Perth

Things to do Hillarys Boat Harbour
Thing to do Hillarys boat harbour.

Shopping In Perth is a popular pastime, especially on rainy day weekends.

A lot of Hong Kong and Singaporeans have opened Chinese Restaurants in Perth. Restaurant dining at ethnic restaurants in Perth's multicultural society is one of the good things to do in Perth.

Brisbane business


On the Spiritual Events Directory and 2024 Spiritual Events Calendar, online advertising is available to Australian and Singaporean advertisers for the promotion of holistic events in Australia. While the head office is based in Brisbane the marketing of Spiritual events and businesses on the internet has a worldwide reach.

Spiritual directory and events marketing Australia
Spiritual directory and events marketing Australia



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